Michael Kilpatrick Kilpatrick

Profile Updated: January 19, 2020
Currently Residing In: El Dorado, CA USA
Spouse/Partner's Name: Joan Kilpatrick
Occupation: Retired geological modeling software professional
Children: Catherine Kelly, born 1974
Military Service: USNR  
Class Year 1958
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Joined the Navy, (San Diego and West Pacific) for two years, back to Texas, worked, went to SMU for 1 year, on to San Francisco on a lark for a year, back to Texas, graduated North Texas U. Got a job in Dallas, married Joan, moved to Austin. Lots of computer jobs, went to graduate school at UT in Austin, graduated with Master of Architecture degree, huge recession hit, went back to computers (long story), stayed in geological computer modeling for the oil industry for 25+ years, retired from Schlumberger, consulted for two years in Houston, moved to Alameda, Ca to be with daughter, grandson and son-in-law. Worked for Dynamic Graphics in Alameda and do ceramic sculpture. Now in El Dorado, CA.

In 2011, bought a house in Sparks, NV, and commuted weekly to Alameda, then retired again from Dynamic Graphics in 2012 after buying a house in
Shelter Cove, Northern California, where we now live.

In 2017, moved to El Dorado, CA; just East of Sacramento.

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Last photo in lighthouse at Point Arena, CA

Memories from Your days at DuPont:

I remember:
Getting a big swat with a holey paddle in the gym
Working at Clark's grocery.
Fishing trips down the Oklawaha (sp?) river
Hitchhiking to school and Judy B. picking me up when in a good mood.
Running the stop sign at DuPont and SanJose with no lights at night.
Getting a ride on Paul Manske's motorcycle.
Sitting on St.John's embankment with Warren Teal behind duPont estate.
Trying to learn the bop, but not very well.
Playing the drums loudly and badly at a prom.
Dropping "dead" on stage at the end of the Monkey's Paw play.
Watching our inspiring geometry teacher draw arcs on blackboard.
Senior party at the beach, never drank before; drove woosy ones back home.
BBQ at Bono's on a dark highway near the woods.
Poker with Warren, Paul, Keith, Thomasino, Dick Schultz, and many others...

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Gee Mike you really get/got around. I don't guess you remember me but as I recall you and I were good buddies, I think. I joined the Navy Air, P2 Submarine Bomber protecting our great country and remain in Jacksonville. I am still here but hope to move to Vilano Beach St. Augustine this year. I was going to Hope Town to buy a summer home but the hurricane blew it down. I own a company which is a Military Defense Contractor ( NSIResearch ) and we are International protecting our warriors. Maybe I can half way retire like step down this year and just remain the Chairman of the Board. Best of luck Mike and stay safe.
Rick Johnson

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Hi Bob,
When we first moved to Austin, Cedar Park was only a BBQ joint on the way to Lago Vista. We lived in Austin for 40+ years and in Cedar Park for 10 of those years on Adventure Lane. I hope you've enjoyed Cedar Park as much as we have. Hope Lake Travis will fill up again. Six years ago when we moved to CA, it was down so far Sometime Island looked like a mountain.
Mike K

Nov 01, 2014 at 4:33 PM

Yes, I also remember Ann. She was made fun of on occasion, if I recall, but mostly not in front of her. thank goodness. If it did happen in front of her, she ignored it like an adult and carried on. I admired that about her and am very sorry to hear of her passing.

I wonder if there are any high schools in history that did not have some kind of class structure, and where teasing or making fun does not occur. I would be totally blown away if there were many. I have a hard time imagining a school full of hundreds of bristling teen agers not competing fiercely with each in just about everything on all levels. (military school? convent?)

Let's see if I can figure out which class I was in... Hmmm, I worked at Clark's supermarket in the afternoons, and somtimes thumbed a ride to school (what a peach Judy B. was to pick me up once in a while). Ah, it seems pretty obvious.

Anyway, I have no misgivings about what goes on in almost all high schools, but am happy with the realization that most will get over it, and enter the more laid-back, pleasant, and cooperative zone of adulthood for most of their lives.

Oct 27, 2014 at 4:33 AM
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