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Al Ball - Class Of 1958

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04/29/11 09:54 AM #1    

Grandle Starling (1958)

Lots of memorys with Al, and the one that sticks in my mind is:

We were leaving by bus to play in Tallahassee, Florida and several of us skipped out of class and went to the carnival which was in Jacksonville, near the Gator Bowl. We purchase these Black hats and hurriedly went back to Dupont, but were caught in the act as the bus was leaving...

Coach Varnes was really peeved at all of us....Of course, you know who got the blame...

01/25/15 06:37 PM #2    

Grandle Starling (1958)

Rest in Peace, Al....

01/26/15 09:23 PM #3    

Mike LeBlanc (1958)

Al & I lived together at FSU.  We had a parachute hanging from the ceiling.  It was a fun and crazy time.

01/26/15 09:40 PM #4    

Grandle Starling (1958)

Thanks Mike....

01/27/15 11:20 AM #5    

Herb Allen (1958)


when were you at FSU?

Herb Allen 

01/28/15 12:22 PM #6    

Patsy Floyd (Griffin) (1958)

Al was a nice guy. We dated after high school. It was really interesting one night. I don't remember where he was working that summer. We had been to the movies and he drove out where he was working. There was a tall chain link fence and an unpaved road. He had thrown some part to a car over the fence and had gone back to pick it up. I remember when he got out of the car he asked me if I was ok. i said yes but inside I was scared to death. It was black dark and weeds were taller than the car. That was AL. We corresponded when he went into the military. He was a good guy. Rest in Peace.

01/28/15 07:00 PM #7    

Buster Marohn (1958)

I have fond memories of our football games  since Al was next to me on the offense and defense line . WE MADE A FEW PLAYERS AT Bishop Kenny hurt went they fried to go after Grandel and the other guys in the backfield.  HE WAS AGREAT GUY IAM SORRY HE HAS PASSED


01/29/15 08:45 AM #8    

Dick Dickson (1958)

Al was a great receiver and we had great times catching the ole football from Grandle. He was funny and always made you laugh. He will be missed but the fond H.S. Memories will live on.


01/29/15 10:38 AM #9    

Buzz Stevens (1958)

Al lived here in the Atlanta area. We met for lunch several months before he passed away. He had just been released from the hospital a few days before. He looked tired. He suffered from some type of blood disorder.  We spent about 2 hours talking about our days at duPont.  He had a good family life and loved living on the lake.

I believe it was our junior year when we played Ketterlinus in St. Augustine. We were driving back in somebody's convertible. Al had suffered a concussion (I think) in the game. We stopped to get milkshakes and while he was drinking his we drove by a black boy riding a bike. All of a sudden he threw the milkshake at the boy. It surprised us all.

I asked him if he remembered doing it and he said no. He said it must have been Grandle.

01/29/15 12:25 PM #10    

Grandle Starling (1958)

I know I was darker than you guys, but why would I be riding a bike? LOL...We had some good times back then and had no worries whatsoever....It will be good to see others at the "Forever 58" reunion as we are getting to be a lot older and may not be able to make such trips sooner than we think...

See you there....

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